Our Values

Language: A valuable asset

Acquiring a second or even a third language at an early age is a major asset for the development of children’s cognitive and adaptive skills. Our trilingual program (French (Dominant), Arabic and English) offers a wide range of activities: painting, puppets, outdoor games, arts& crafts, music, dances, shows, storytelling and conversations etc…

Protecting the Environment: A Duty

Children are the citizens of tomorrow. We teach them from an early age to respect and protect the environment. Through various activities, we raise awareness on ecology and recycling. To love nature, its flora and fauna is to develop a sense of empathy and responsibility towards our world.

Home-like Environment

By fostering natural curiosity and creativity, we help construct the foundation of future learning. Through our fun and stimulating program, children have the opportunity to drive their learning, ask questions, ponder and challenge ideas and actively engage in new experiences.

The Leaders of Tomorrow Are Critical Thinkers

Critical thinking is a pivotal skill that shall be developed at an early stage. Building critical thinking skills happens when we encourage our children to experiment and solve their own problems in a stimulating learning environment.

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