Our Values

Fine motricity & coordination

We offer a wide range of activities to help children develop their fine motor skills. From sensory activities to graphics, every child progresses smoothly to master motricity and coordination skills. Outdoor games serve to develop balance and consolidate walking from a young age. Our psychomotor therapists are here to support and help children develop their capacities and reach their full potential.

Happy children

Our priority is to make your days at Les Citronniers memorable through a positive atmosphere and a professional team. Seeing our children laughing, playing, singing and dancing to the rhythms of the seasons consolidates our main pillar: a happy child.

Safe & loving environment

We offer children a pleasant and Zen environment where they can develop a strong connection with nature. Each child discovers the world around him at his own pace through various sensory experiences. Our numerous play areas and workshops encourage our little ones to unleash their creativity and build their own vision of the world.

Child-directed learning

We focus on open-ended, child-directed, personalized learning. We want to create memories with experiences that stimulate imagination, creativity, decision making and problem solving, for each child at his own pace.

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